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2020 Calendar


Preorders are CLOSED!!



I had not planned on doing a 2020 calendar this year BUT have heard many times now how much it meant to you having a new surprise every month. I didn’t realize this was so important to so many! So with that in mind I’m doing a very limited run! And will be accepting preorders starting today to help fund my batch order. If you are wanting a 2020 calendar head over and save one for yourself or friends. They are $25 each or save and get 3 for $65 (saves you $10!) The calendars will be in by and mailed by November 20th. The only image I know FOR SURE is my annual AWAIC piece I create for October (domestic violence awareness month) I’m still working on the rest of the calendar at the moment but as soon as I have complete pictures I will post them! Thank you, all of your preorders help my small business so I can keep creating wonderful products like this 12 month calendar.