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Narwhal Family Fine Art Velvet Print


The Narwhal family, or better known as the unicorns of the sea, are so adorable! Each little one has its own personality, from the shy one hiding to the one thats always climbing on you. They are a cute representation of family life and how we all are so different but a family all the same. 


Paper prints are an open edition print, on high quality fine art velvet paper signed on front and back.

Prints may vary slightly due to computer lighting and cropping for different sizes. 

Varying sizes may be cropped slightly to fit.


Smaller prints are sent with protective backing and packaging to gaurd against moisture 

Larger Prints are carefully rolled into a 3 inch mailing tube/box surrounded in protective paper and wrapped in plastic to help keep out any moisture. 
Please message me for inquiries of custom sizes.
We do print on demand so please allow up to 3-5 days for printing and packaging before mailing. You can email me anytime to see if I have a more accurate time or estimates or to see if it can be done sooner.

Paper Prints