Custom 11x14 Canvas Pet Portrait- Original Painting

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I can’t wait to collaborate your color scheme with my artistic style to make your vision a reality.

Estimated Date of Completion: Please allow up to three months from the date of purchase

Custom Pet Portraits!

Only 3 Available!

11x14 original acrylic paintings!

(Limited to 1 pet per painting)

$950 plus shipping (if applicable)

Should you want additional details to your painting an additional fee will be charged at $25 per hour.

Upon purchase Amanda will be in touch via email to discuss your special companion and what you envision your piece to look like. Work on finding clear high-quality pictures of your animal.

A $50 nonrefundable fee will be charged to cover the cost of supplies should you not be 100% satisfied upon completion. This fee will be deducted from the total purchase price when purchased and not an added fee.


Amanda reserves the full right to all creations for promotional purposes or to create prints and sell at her discretion. Should a painting opportunity not be a good fit, Amanda reserves the right to terminate the commission at will.