Goals to 'Crush It' in My Art Business

January 21, 2019


It’s January and the month of  ‘new beginnings’ besides the usually weight loss-get fit goals, I have tried to gather up just a few things that I'm working on right now.  


In general I want to find more time to create and be less stressed out about it.  And also somehow make more income than last year this should be super easy right.  (insert crazy laughing face here) 


One would think ‘be a better artist’ would be at the top of my list but it kind of is, just a bit different wording. It’s something I know will only happen only one way. By. Doing. More. Art. 

Simple as that.  Which at the moment I have hardly anytime for my actually creating. The main part of my day and energy go to the more business like side of things. 


Oh man! To get to paint, sketch and experiment with colors and cute animals all day, that’s the real goal. That would be so amazing! To not have a care in the world about ‘views’ ‘likes on Facebook, ROI, SEO or BYOB. Ok that last one I just threw in to see if you were paying attention.  With how things are at the moment though its not that easy. I need more time in the day (and the energy too!) If only it was as easy as “just finding more time” though right.

So, I believe a better goal would be to find the time first to then DO more art.


How will I do it? Well here’s the plan so far:


Cut out crap! 

Just like that diet everyone is going on right about now. I need to take out all the things in my life that are holding me back. The time wasters like that one Instagram account will all the fun cat videos you get sucked into daily. Oh what are the energy suckers? How about that classmate you still follow from 12 years ago and every time they are filling up your feed with this negativity and feel literally drained by them! 


I spend most of my days messaging back clients on both social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget the dreaded  emailing inbox! If there are any art shows coming up I’m likely prepping my art prints and restocking inventory. Ioh gosh soooo much more! 

I don’t mean to complain either . This is a great problem to have! “poor me, im a busy artist” I get it Im a bit whiney sounding. 

I just needed to show you why my goal makes sense!  Here’s the thing though, These things ive listed are super importrant! BUT it doesn’t have to be ME who does them. (light bulb moment) and I really need to review my days and make sure im using it wisely. 


A good way to tell is to ask yourself and keep asking yourself “Is this helping me become the person you want to be. Is this going to get you any closer to your goals?” 

Most things I’ve come across have been pretty easy answers. I still have a waysss to go on this though! Cutting out these things will make it easier to focus on what WILL actually make you closer to where you want to be. Next will be:




No ones going to paint like me. Well hopefully right? But emails, SEO,website, mailing???….the list is long that you can outsource help for. 

All those ‘things’ that are still so important t I technically don’t have to be doing myself.

As some of you may already know if you follow me on my social medias I have already hired my first unofficial employee. My husband! YAY so I’m already somewhat doing that goal. 

Thankfully he has finally quit his bazillion jobs and I conned him into working alongside me! Ok really there were like 5 jobs but you get what I’m saying.  He has already been a HUGE help! We are still struggling and working through things everyday. We don’t have a clue how this is suppose to work and what we need to be doing. It’s like we are in a new relationship again, which is hilarious because we are going on 10 years of marriage. Here we are trying to ‘figure things out’ and feeling like total newbies. 


Along with my hubby’s help we are also planning to hire a website designer later this year and possibly some other help. One thing I need to accept is that ‘Hello, You can’t do it all, DUH!’ Haha Even something’s that I could do kinda…let’s face it its going to take me twice as long and probably won’t look near as good in the end.  I must keep in mind too, my main focus is to be creating more artwork not struggling through an excel spreadsheet. Hiring someone is a way to get me there!


You can't focus on the big meaningful stuff if your still worrying about petty things that are trying to grab your attention 

These are just a few of the goals I’m trying to implement this year. I do have some crazier ideas written down too like illustrating my first book and earning double that I did last year. I just feel that in order to even start thinking about anything else I need to implement these things first!  Ill likely be making more up as I go too! You can never have too many things to strive for. However you cant focus on all at once so grab one and hold on tight and plan out a way to achieve it! 


Also if you’ve made it through this blog post or even just skimmed it, know I appreciate you taking the time to do so! I hope to do these more regularly and by doing so, I’m sure ill improve…. maybe…very likely at least. 

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